Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation – Review

Adam by Eve is a strange and hypnotic project from singer/songwriter Eve. It’s part music video, part animation and part live action story all mixed together. The main plot follows Aki whose friend Taki disappears right in front of her in a café. Aki. who is searching for her friend, is also haunted by strange dreams that she can’t quite understand.

The world of dreams is something the film spends a long time exploring, using the musical segments and animation to really let loose and be a strange as possible. Being a musical there’s no hesitation as you’re sucked into the world being shown in front of you. It’s bizarre and very strange, but it all works. There’s very few moments where there’s not music, pulsating out of the speakers as you watch Aki’s story. It’s completely memorising to watch.

If you’re like me and not that familiar with Eve, then the references won’t click, but you’ll end up being a fan by the end and this is definitely something that will reward multiple watches. It’s a little chaotic and you’re never really sure what’s going on, but it’s very welcoming for people not familiar to Eve’s work in music and manga, which the film references throughout. It’s almost a crash-course in Eve with music from all stages of his career as well as references to his manga, Kara no Kioku.

The various animation styles are all shown perfectly, and are just as much of a spectacle as the music playing in the background. It’s filled with stylish flair. Equally the dream-like live action sequences keep you hooked as the loose thread bringing everything together. It’s a showcase of art from start to finish. The moments that feel closest to a music video look great, with excellent flashes of light and colour.

Like the best music videos this is something you’ll want to watch over and over again, what makes it better is that there feels like things you’ve missed along the way and want to go back to discover more. I can safely say that Eve will be on repeat for the next few weeks.

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