Sideshow – Film Review

Director: Adam Oldroyd

Writer: Adam Oldroyd

Starring: Les Dennis, Anthony Head, April Pearson, and Nathan Clarke

Rating: ★★★½

Written and directed by Adam Oldroyd, Sideshow is a black comedy about a psychic being a victim of a home invasion. Filled with plenty of laugh out loud moments and great characters.

Les Dennis stars as Pendrick, a has-been psychic who plays to nearly empty theatres and doesn’t win over the audience in the process. His manager, Gerald (Anthony Head), is frustrated with Pendrick’s act and how he treats the audience. After one show, Pendrick goes home and is the victim of a home invasion as he sleeps. Two thieves, Eva (April Pearson) and Dom (Nathan Clarke), break in thinking that Pendrick has been hiding money for years.

The story is told as a series of chapters, with titles cards showing sideshow attractions with definitions underneath them. It breaks up the slowly unravelling mystery as we slowly learn why Eva and Dom have broken into Pendrick’s house. There are quite a few twists and turns throughout the story, and while some of them are obvious almost straight away, there is a couple towards the end which you won’t see coming.

Sideshow is a very funny film. It’s silly, over the top at points, but has more than enough laughs to keep it entertaining as the story plays out. Most of the comedy comes from the inept thieves who don’t really know what they’re doing. Dom googles what breaking and entering is before they start the robbery. Les Dennis is also funny, as he tries to get himself out of the situation. The characters are well-written and feel nicely developed.  

While Anthony Head plays a major part in the film, he’s not in it that much. The film instead is mainly set during the home invasion with Les Dennis being held captive by April Pearson and Nathan Clarke, with Anthony Head appearing a couple of times throughout. The two thieves play off each other nicely and that’s where most of the comedy comes from. Nathan Clarke is hilarious as Dom and really shines in the role, delivering most of the best jokes of the film.

Sideshow is kind of what you expect, with a few twists along the way. It’s a good time, but not something that’s outstanding. It’s funny and entertaining.  

Sideshow will be in UK Cinemas from 11th March & available on Digital Download 21st March! Pre-order here

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