Bite Me – Film Review

Director: Meredith Edwards

Writer: Naomi McDougall Jones

Starring: Christian Coulson, Naomi McDougall Jones, Annie Golden, Naomi Grossman, Harold Surratt, Mahira Kakkar, Cynthia Mace, and Katherine Kahrs

Rating: ★★★

Bite Me is a charming and fun rom com. Sarah (Naomi McDougall Jones) is a vampire, who belongs to the House of Twilight, a church of Vampirism. Sarah and her room mates belong to the church and use it as deductibles on their tax returns. That is until they are audited by IRS agent James (Christian Coulson). Sarah starts to fall for James, and they must keep their relationship secret from the IRS.

The film follows the traditional formula for rom coms, not straying away from things we’ve all seen countless times before. What makes this one different is how charming it is. The premise about a vampire falling in love with an IRS agent sums up the quirky tone the film is going for. It’s not quite What we do in the Shadows, but it’s headed in that direction. There’s a lot of chemistry between Christian Coulson and Naomi McDougall Jones. Their relationship is completely believable.

There are quite a few funny moments in the film, but never anything that’s going to make you completely laugh out loud. It’s funny enough to make sure the film is never boring, but it’s not something that you’re going to be quoting later. None of the comedy is really that memorable, although it’s a fun time when the film is on.

Most of the comedy is about how vampires are perceived by the public. The film starts with a vampire from another group who reveals himself on a reality show, to ridicule. The vampires in the film aren’t the mythological creatures, but instead people who drink blood to keep their energies levels up. Their condition is something medicine has been able to cure, so they have turned to drinking other human’s blood in order to live a relatively normal life, except they have to keep their vampirism a secret from everyone else. The typical tropes of vampires, as well as modern interpretations such as Twilight, are all referenced, and a lot of the comedy comes from how wrong those presentation of vampires are from reality, at least in Bite Me.

Taking a strange concept, and then throwing in some typical rom com tropes, Bite Me is a an entertaining and charming film.

Bite Me will be available on digital download from 15th February and can be pre-ordered here

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