Looking Forward at 2022

Following on from yesterday’s post recapping 2021, I’m making plans for the new year and what I’m hoping to achieve throughout it. I’ve got a few New Year’s resolutions that I’m looking to achieve throughout the next 12 months or so. From my main priority to probably not going to happen.

Firstly, and most importantly, I’m going to be getting into shape properly, back to how I was pre-pandemic when I wasn’t working from home. I put on a fair bit of weight and I’ve been slowly losing it, but I’m going to be driving that forward to get back into shape again. Being a healthy weight is my main aim for the year and I will get there, sooner rather than later. I have daily targets and I’ve hit them Monday and Tuesday this week and will continue today and every day going forward.

On to writing. I have 2 short stories that are half finished. I want them both finished and put on here by the end of the year. The novel that I’ve been planning out, needs to be started at some point as well. I have scenes figures out, but want to get on with it and get it at least started by the end of the year. I also want to edit and go over some of the older stuff that I’ve written and get that updated and republished in some way.

With film reviews, I’m still going to be publishing them every day, until at least the end of May so that way I’ve written one every day for a year. May isn’t that far away, so it’s completely doable. I’m hoping to get better and better with writing them and also look to stretch out and try pitching to other websites/publications again at some point. So if you’ve ever read one of my reviews and have any feedback, please pass it on. I do appreciate it.

Next up, I want to travel a bit more and do something a little more adventurous. My plan currently is to walk up Mount Snowdon, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve spoken to my wife about it and it’s something we’re going to look into doing once it gets a little warmer. I’m pretty determined to do this one, but I also know what I’m like so it may not happen.

On a film side, I want to watch every film that’s won best picture at the Oscars. Out of the 93 that have won so far, I’ve seen 25. So I’m going to be aiming to get through at least one a week for the rest of the year so by the end of 2022 I’ve seen all 93.

For things that I don’t think I’ll achieve this year, but still want to do at some point. Release a short story collection. I would like to either appear on or start a podcast, but that will most likely never happen. Finish up a load of different director’s filmographies and most unlikely read Ulysses by James Joyce.

So that’s what I’m hoping to do this year, what are your resolutions and do you think you’ll stick to them?

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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2 Responses to Looking Forward at 2022

  1. Good luck with both stories and your novel project and getting in shape. I was doing pretty good jogging and stuff until December and the cold weather and the busy-busyness. You and I will both get back into shape this year! For 2022, I resolve to be more engaged in real life (like, actually chatting with people face-to-face!). And I have a goal to write a new novel from scratch. And my word for the year is “love” which will help me when I’m engaging with people.:-)

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