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I don’t usually come back to something to talk about spoilers but with No Way Home it kind of felt like there was so much more left to say, because I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. I still don’t, so if you don’t want spoilers stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

Starting off with the plot, I did really enjoy it but there was a little problem that I had with it. The idea of ‘curing’ the villains and then sending them back to their own timeline. The issue was that it felt, to me at least, that they were ripped from their universes the moment before they died, so if Peter from this universe cures them and sends them back then they are still doomed. Maybe that’s not true and there was a work around, but it does feel strange.

On a much much much smaller note, it also bothered me that the whole reason Peter goes to Strange in the first place was because his friends didn’t get into MIT, but Flash Thompson did, the guy who wrote a book about being best friends with Spider-Man. The one who makes a deal with Peter that he will admit he’s best friends with him, if Flash told him where the MIT representative was towards the beginning. I know that is such a small point, but it bothered me when he turned up at the coffee shop celebrating and it did have an effect on the plot because if Flash didn’t get in, the Peter couldn’t have called him to ask for help.

I did really like Aunt May in this film, I thought she had a really good impact on Peter and his decision to try and save everyone, it was a perfect substitute for Uncle Ben, which we obviously didn’t get with Tom Holland. I also thought the fact that she died, and they didn’t try to reverse it (at least in this film) was really well done. It felt like there were actual consequences and risk in the MCU, which is often lacking.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Moving on to guest appearances. I was very excited that Charlie Cox was back as Daredevil. I was a big fan of the Netflix show and seeing him back in action was great. I do wish that he was in it more, but I’m sure he will be back. What’s the Marvel universe without Daredevil? It also led me to believe that if Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire were in it, they would only get short cameos like Cox, but they didn’t. They were both main characters. When they appeared it was perfect. Both got a huge reaction from the audience in the cinema, which was great.

I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man when I first saw it, but I’ve not seen the sequel. I do plan to at some point, and Andrew Garfield is such a great Peter/Spider-Man and I personally think he was the strongest out of the three in this film. It would be a crime not to see either Garfield of Maguire again in the spider suit. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Kirsten Dunst back as MJ. Surely she must have been brought through, since she knew that Peter was Spider-Man. I suppose maybe she wasn’t one of the ones that made it through before the spell was stopped, but it’s a shame either way. It would have been really good to see Dunst on screen with Maguire again. Maybe with Sam Raimi directing Doctor Strange 2, we’ll get it. I thought that’s what the mid-credits scene was going to be, but instead it was Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, continuing the post credit scene from Venom 2. I really like the Venom films so I really liked seeing him back on screen. I can’t wait for the inevitable meeting between him and Spider-Man.

Those are my spoiler-ridden thoughts on No Way Home. Let me know what you thought about the film if you’ve seen it.

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