Death Toilet 4: Brown Snakes on a Plane – Film Review – Monster Mondays

Death Toilet 4: Brown Snakes on A Plane (Video 2021) - IMDb

Director: Evan Jacobs

Starring: Mike Hartsfield, Isaac Golub, Evan Jacobs, Brian Howell, and Kathy Brookhouse

With something like Death Toilet 4, you know if it’s going to be for you pretty much from the title alone. It’s a silly over-the-top comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously by any stretch of the imagination. It’s full of toilet humour (pun intended) and special effects that are so hard to watch it’s funny. It’s the kind of film that will have you laughing one moment making you question why does this even exist?  

After a nice relaxing day playing frisbee on the beach Brett Baxter (Mike Hartsfield) and Father Dingleberry (Isaac Golub) discover that there’s been another toilet attack, this time killing a nun in a convent. They travel to the Vatican to deal with the problem, only to be attacked on the plane by a possessed toilet.

It’s completely ridiculous, bizarre and at the same time has some good laughs. Isaac Golub as Father D is so good. He’s so over the top and intense, to the point that you can’t help but laugh. At one point he’s talking to the pope about possessed toilets. The idea of that happening is one of the funniest things about this film.

The effects are gloriously bad, in the best way possible. The actual battle with the toilet looks so cheap that you’re more cringing at it than laughing. There is an overall charm about the whole thing, it looks like this was a lot of fun to make, and that feeling is infectious. Watching Brett being strangled by some kind of mystical toilet paper is just perfect.

It pretty much boils down to whether you like crass humour or not? If you do, then grab a couple of friends and make a night of it, you probably won’t regret it.  

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  1. ManInBlack says:

    Didn’t even know there was a Death Toilet 1-3…. <_<

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