Zom 100: Volume 2 – Manga Review

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 2 (2): Aso, Haro, Takata, Kotaro:  9781974720668: Amazon.com: Books

Volume 2 of Zom 100 collects the next four chapters of the ongoing satirical zombie apocalypse. Picking up exactly where the first volume left of with Akira and Kencho working together to finish the bucket list of what to do before they’re turned into zombies. Since Akira didn’t write 100 things on the list, Kencho adds his own to the list, including become a comedian.

While there are four chapters in this volume, it’s only two events. Each event is split into two, and both are one thing off the list. The first story is wining and dining an air stewardess, that happens accidentally when Akira and Kencho are out looking for a widescreen TV. It’s still silly and over the top, but there is something almost poignant when Akira is talking to the stewardess about his dreams and what he wanted to be when growing up.

The horror also completely destroys the fun in this section. It’s funny and jokey until it’s not. The zombies full on attack at one point, which is the first time it really felt like this was a zombie story. It’s only a brief moment, but a reminder for Akira that his bucket list isn’t a guarantee.

The last two chapters feature Akira becoming a superhero. They both go to the aquarium to try out a shark resistant suit, thinking that if it can stop sharks biting through it, then it can stop zombies. It does work, but Akira can still feel the pressure when they bite so it hurts. There’s also a zombie shark, that uses the legs of the humans it ate to run around on (It makes no sense here or in the manga, just go with it). These chapters feel really close to a Shonen manga. It’s lots of action and quick fun.

Overall the same tone as the first volume is kept up. There’s not really a lot of high stakes so far, it seems to be mostly stand alone stories, which I’m fine with since it’s really fun to read. I like the manic craziness of it all and it’s really simple and easy to read through, which is perfect for after work or just before bed. I can see this manga becoming one of my favourites. I have book three and four ready to go and will be reading them very soon.

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