The End of 2021 is Near

2021 is almost over and hopefully 2022 will be a brighter tomorrow. December is going to be a good month, I can feel it. Especially when it comes to film releases. This week the new Resident Evil film is out, which I’m hesitantly excited for. I’m going to see that on Friday as a double bill with the IMAX release of the original Matrix film. I think The Matrix must be an awesome experience on the big screen and should be the ultimate version in IMAX. On Saturday I’m going to see C’mon C’mon, which looks really good.

On top of that we have The Power of the Dog on Netflix, which looks great. I missed it at London Film Festival, but will be watching that later today. Then for the rest of the month there’s West Side Story, which does look fantastic, the new Spider-Man film (which I think is the most anticipated film of all time. I booked tickets yesterday when they went on sale and the screen on opening night was almost half full already). The new Matrix film is also just around the corner. That’s without mentioning the films on Netflix and Prime coming.

I’m still not ahead on the blog, but I’ve gotten on top of the screeners that I’ve been sent, which is good. I’m still a little behind on the books I’ve got to read, but I won’t be accepting anymore until I get back on track with that. I’m still reading Are We Monsters? which I’m really enjoying.

My plan for each Friday this month is to complete a top 5/10 of films of 2021, so there will be my top 5 horror, top 5 musicals (because there’s been that many), top 10 films of the year (Which will be the last one I do on the 31st). I’m still working on the ones I will do for the other 2 weeks. It will be horror films this week on Friday, because 2021 has been the year of horror. Just so many great ones.

I haven’t had enough time to complete a Franchise Catch-Up with everything else going on, so will be putting that on pause, probably until the new year, where I can start with a fresh slate. The same thing with Monster Mondays, I’m hoping to get another one out next week, but last weekend I ended up spending 8 hours watching The Beatles: Get Back, which meant I didn’t get around to watching the next Gamera film.

I’m still going through Get Back in my head, which was so much better than I was hoping. I’ve been watching every interview with Peter Jackson about it that I can find on YouTube. There are so many insights and snippets about The Beatles that he gives. At one point there was an 18 hour version of it. Maybe there will be a blu-ray set at some point that will have even more footage and hopefully something about Jackson making the new documentary.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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5 Responses to The End of 2021 is Near

  1. R13 says:

    Resident Evil, eh? I definitely enjoyed the movie but I don’t recommend it. I won’t say why as to avoid spoilers.

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  2. R13 says:

    Resident Evil, eh? I enjoyed it but I won’t recommend it. I won’t say why as to avoid spoilers.


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