A Castle for Christmas – Low Stakes and Easy Watching – Film Review

A Castle for Christmas (2021) - IMDb

Director: Mary Lambert

Writers: Kim Bayer-Johnson, Ally Carter, Neal H. Dobrofsky, and Tippi Dobrofsky

Starring: Brooke Shields, Cary Elwes, Lee Ross, and Vanessa Grasse

Rating: ★★½

A Castle for Christmas is part of Netflix’s Christmas line up for this year. It’s light-hearted easy watching to put on while you’re wrapping presents or stuffed after dinner. Sophie (Brooke Shields) is a renowned novelist whose latest book hasn’t gone down well with her fans. Her divorce may have slipped into the narrative, as she kills off the leading man of the series. To get away from everything she travels to Scotland to see the castle that her family used to work at years ago. She immediately falls in love with the castle and nearby village, and decides to buy the castle, to save it from being demolished. By doing so she has to work with Duke Myles who lives in the castle and is very hesitant about letting it go.

The film is a romantic comedy with nothing unexpected. It moves very easily from start to finish with no real trouble or hesitation. Sophie and Myles fall in love and end up together, which is pretty much what you expect from the beginning. There’s very little resistance to their relationship, and because of that it makes it very easy watching. It’s something to switch your brain off to and just enjoy the comedy. It is funny in places and is entertaining enough.

The characters are likable enough. Myles at first is stand offish trying to stop Sophie from buying his family home, but he does really care about the community and he’s in so much debt, due to his father, that if he can’t raise the money the village will fall apart. He owns the entire land and has debts on everything that need to be cleared so the locals can carry on as they have been.

The village itself is very idyllic and lovely. The people who live there are always happy to help, not really seeming to work at any point. Sophie joins a local knitting group, who will bend over backward to help one another. They turn up at the castle, which is closer to a manor house, to decorate Sophie’s room.

Not a lot really happens in A Castle for Christmas, it’s still nice and enjoyable while it’s on, but there’s no real stand-out moments. It’s worth putting on if you’re looking for something to completely switch off. It’s funny and charming and not much else.

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