Mid November 2021 Update

Hello everyone, it’s time for my weekly update. This week is a slow week for releases, especially near me. Tomorrow I will be seeing Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which I’m looking forward to. It’s got to be better than 2016, which to be honest did have some great moments, but I doubt it will come close to the originals. I’m surprised not to see more hype for this film, it is essentially the Ghostbusters 3 we’ve all been asking for. I think the wave of ‘nostalgia sells’ is beginning to die down a little. Other than that it’s Tick, Tick, Boom on Netflix, which I’m even more excited for. The trailer looks great, and there’s a small featurette about the film on YouTube which is well worth watching.

This weekend, I will be going to Wales Comic Con, which isn’t actually in Wales, but still. It’s the first convention that I’ve been to in over two years, which is my longest gap since I started going to cons back in 2012. It’s hard to believe that was almost ten years ago now. I’m looking forward to wandering around the stalls, seeing the talks and hopefully meeting a few actors. Troy Baker is going to be there, Joel from The Last of Us and Kanji from Persona 4, which is exciting. There’s also a few people from Buffy/Angel.

I’ve already downloaded a few films to watch in the hotel on Netflix, mostly comedies, nothing to taxing after a long day of walking. So that’s what the reviews will be over the weekend. I’ll also be taking my tablet to hopefully catch up on some reading. I’m over half way through The Whistling now so hopefully there will be a review for that up tomorrow.

I’ve started reading while on the treadmill over the last week. I find that I don’t make enough time for reading or exorcising, so I’ve combined them together and found it’s easier this way. So I’m hoping that will help both fitness wise and reading. I’ve been averaging about 4 miles a day walking, apart from yesterday where I woke up feeling so rough that I went back to bed until work started at 12.

That’s my plans for the upcoming week, hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading and until next time,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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  1. Four miles a day of walking is really impressive! Kinda funny that a Wales convention isn’t in Wales.:-) Have a great time!

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