Friday Book One: The First Day of Christmas – Book Review

Friday, Book One: The First Day of Christmas TP | Image Comics

Ed Brubaker is in my top 3 comic writers of all time, he may even be my favourite. From his superhero stuff like his unbeatable run on Captain America, to his crime/noir series with Sean Phillips, I honestly haven’t read a thing he’s written that I don’t like. Every time I get an email from my local comic shop saying a new Brubaker book is on my older, I get excited. He’s an excellent storyteller, with perfect dialogue and a style that seems to fit everything. So I couldn’t wait to read Friday when I heard it was coming out. Friday is being released as issues on Panel Syndicate online with the issues being collected and printed in smaller than normal books. Friday Book One collects issues 1 – 3 with some bonus sketches and a note from Brubaker going into detail about the inspiration for this.

Friday Fitzhugh and Lancelot Jones have grown up solving mysteries together in the mysterious town of Kings Hill. The fun has to end when Friday left to go to collage, but she is coming back to town for Christmas. As soon as Friday arrives, Lancelot picks her up and they are on an adventure again, solving the mystery of a stolen knife from an archaeology site. There is something bother Friday, the day before she left for collage something happened and even though Lancelot is acting like nothing has changed, she knows it’s something they have to confront together.

Brubaker fans will feel right at home with Friday. Straight away with the noir style narration, it’s like a warm hot chocolate, just brilliant from the first panel to the end of the book. This one is a YA style mystery mixed with his usual style. The story is just as gripping as you’d expect and has some dark moments. It’s only three issues in so far, so this is mostly just set up, but it’s still already brilliant and I can’t wait for Book Two to arrive, whenever it does.

The artwork is just beautiful. Marcos Martin and Munsta Vicente have done an excellent job in bringing this story to life. Every page looks great. There’s one dream sequence in particular where the artwork is just stunning. It’s easy to read and look through, the character designs are all unique and stand out. It’s pure brilliance.

Friday is yet another instant classic by Brubaker, with some excellent artwork from Martin and Vicente. I honestly can’t wait for book two, this one was such a joy to read the entire way through. This may be my comic of the year.

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