Peach Boy Riverside, Volume 1 – Book Review

Thank you to Kodansha Comics for the copy of this Manga in return for an honest review

Saltherine is a princess who dreams of going on an adventure. Her father won’t let her leave because their kingdom is filled with dangerous monsters. A traveller, Mikoto, enters the kingdom and becomes friends with Saltherine. After monsters attack and Mikoto manages to stop them all single-handedly, he leaves. Saltherine decides to stand up to her father, and rejecting her title goes off on an adventure of her own.

I really enjoyed this manga. The story flows so nicely and I ended up reading the first volume in one sitting. It feels a little like One Piece with Aladdin mixed in. The art style is really nice and clear. As usual with this genre of manga, there’s a lot of humour and it’s very charming.

The characters are great. When Saltherine’s journey starts she meets a demi-human, Frau, who is half-human and half-hare. They’re a fun combination and it’s entertaining to see them go on an adventure together and bond.

The manga feels very short, even though it is the usual 200ish page length. It flies by and before you know it, the first volume is over. I’m glad volume 2 is close to release so I can pick that up as soon as possible. It’s a charming and feel good adventure.

Peach Boy Riverside may not be the best manga off all time, it’s not breaking any new ground, but it’s definitely a good read. It’s full of great imagination, characters and the story flows nicely. I’m looking forward to reading more of this.

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