Elsewhere – Dean Koontz

In Elsewhere, father and daughter Jeffy and Amity are given a package that contains the key to everything, and told to keep it safe and never use it. The key to everything lets them jump to an infinite amount of Earths in the multiverse. They only use it after their house is under siege from some kind of secret government agency.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a fun fantasy adventure that spans the multiverse but doesn’t really delve too far into the strange to make it hard to follow. Most of the story takes place either in our universe or ones very similar, even if there are hints of other more dark universes that we don’t get enough time with. It would be nice for a sequel to explore those darker worlds a little more.

The characters are great. Amity’s mum Michelle left before the events in the novel and no one has seen her since. One of the best bits about the book is that Amity straight away, being 12 years old, thinks that she can use the key to find a version of her mum that wouldn’t leave. It’s a catalyst for the main events and definitely interesting.

It’s quite short at just over 350 pages so it doesn’t outstay its welcome at all. I would have preferred it to be a little longer and explore the universe where robots have taken over or maybe some more universes.

Elsewhere is a quick sci-fi/fantasy read. It’s enjoyable enough but isn’t breaking the mould or doing anything completely original. It’s still entertaining and I would recommend it.

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