Weekly Update – 28th July

It’s time for the last update in July. I want to start by talking about my schedule for posting. As I’m sure some of you have noticed, I’ve been putting up 2 posts a day. That’s my plan going forward. I’m going to be writing 2 posts a day, with a schedule of when they will go up.

Monday – In the morning will be the daily film review followed by a post about what I’m planning on seeing in the cinema that week in the evening. The reasoning for this is that the cinemas close to me announce what they are showing the following week on Monday afternoon, so it’s when I plan my next weekend.

Tuesday – The morning post will be a random post. This could be an extra film review, stuff I’ve been watching on TV, like yesterday, or just anything I write about. In the afternoon/evening will be my daily film review

Wednesday – There will be an update every Wednesday morning, mainly about how writing is going as well as an update on my weight loss journey. In the evening is the daily film review

Thursday – The morning will be split into alternative weeks. One week will be the next Franchise Catch Up, and then the alternate week will be a random post, same as Tuesday morning. The evening will be the dedicated film review

Friday – The morning post will be a list of some kind. I’m currently working through my top 50 films. 7 weeks to go. After that, will be my top 5 hated films, followed by random lists that I’m working on. The evening will be the daily film review as normal.

Saturday and Sunday – For the weekend I plan on putting up 2 reviews each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening

The times of each post will be between 8am-10am for the morning post and anywhere between 5pm-8:30pm for the evening ones. This is mainly due to work. My shifts are all over the place between 8am-8pm so I can’t guarantee when they will go up. I could schedule them on the site to be published at specific times, but I like doing it personally to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Now onto writing. To be honest it has been slow-going. I’m trying to get ahead on film reviews, to ensure I don’t miss one. I have 5 ready to go right now and want to build a better buffer. As a lot of what I write about is older films, there isn’t really a pressure to get them out straight away. I will be posting more up to the minute reviews for cinema and new releases. Once I’ve got this settled, I’m going to be focusing on my short stories. I’m working on 2, both around half way through. I was hoping to have 1 for this week, but I think it will probably be next week.

Reading is also going slower than I’d like at the moment although I am reading a little every day. I’m going to be uploading a new Reading Pile post tomorrow for Thursday morning to go into more detail about what I’ve been reading and how I’m enjoying it.

On the fitness and weight loss side, I currently weigh 16 stone and 1 pound (102KG), so I’ve lost a pound in the last week. It’s fluctuated a bit since last Wednesday. It’s going in the right direction at least. I’ve barely done any exercise this week, mainly due to the heat and a lack of sleep. My neighbours get up early to get ready for work and as a gardener, makes a lot of noise getting their trucks ready. It wakes me up most mornings around 7ish. I’ve struggled getting to sleep due to the heat, our house seems to have 2 temperatures boiling or freezing and switched between them every 6 months. So I’m averaging about 5 hours a day.

Now that it’s cooled down, I’m going to do 10 minutes a day on my exercise bike and 10 minutes weight lifting. Starting slow and building up. Previously I did 40ish minutes on my bike a day, listening to an album in full and then around half an hour with weights. It took a while to build up to it, so I’m practically starting from nothing again. Also focusing on eating less crap, which is going reasonably well.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


About ashleymanningwriter

Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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2 Responses to Weekly Update – 28th July

  1. ManInBlack says:

    “I’m going to do 10 minutes a day on my exorcise bike”

    You have a bike that can perform exorcisms? Wow… 😮


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