TV I’ve Been Watching

It feels like a very long time since I’ve gone on about the shows I’ve watched recently. That’s because I haven’t been watching much. I’ve been put off TV, mostly because I’m fed up with things being cancelled before finishing and partly because of the recent trend of so many episodes being an hour long at least, even if the story/script doesn’t justify it.

This year, I’ve re-watched 3 shows that mean a lot to me. Buffy and Angel were my first exposure to TV that wasn’t cartoons or comedy. I loved them as a kid and watched them religiously on video. I used to go to car boot sales with my mum and hunt down the next set of Buffy or Angel, it took a long time to see the end of Angel because of this. I remember Buffy in particular being very emotional and gripping and Angel being darker. Now I’ve finally gotten Tabby to watch them, and she loved it just as much I did.

Buffy is an excellent show that still holds up today. There are some bad episodes, but over the 7 seasons there’s a lot more to love. I found it a lot funnier this time around, probably most of it going over my head the first time. It’s on Disney +, and if you haven’t seen it, but like things like Supernatural then it’s worth a go. The first season is dated, but it really gets going in season 2. I think the writing is superb for the whole 7 seasons and there is some of the best episodes of TV throughout. ‘The Body’ from season 5 is a masterpiece in grief and emotion. ‘Hush’ is creepy and sinister.

Angel I was more disappointed with. I remember liking this more than Buffy, but this time around after season 1, which is great, it seems to go off the rails. Season 2 is okay, but 3 and 4 are poor. Season 5 does bring it back around, but I don’t think this is the classic I remembered it being. The storyline, especially in season 4 is a mess. Recent reveals by the cast, especially Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia, seem to explain why and it’s a real shame they had to go through that.

The other show that I’ve re-watched is How I Met Your Mother, which I first started watching just as I started university almost 10 years ago. I loved it at the time, filling the Friends shaped hole in my life. This time around I loved it just as much. I do think some of the humour, especially in the early seasons is a bit cringy and dated now, but overall it’s good and the emotional arcs are better than most other sit-coms. This is something I’ve tried watching with Tabby a few times, but her hatred of Ted always stopped us. Coming at it after Buffy, Tabby had an affinity for Lilly, played by Alison Hannigan (Willow from Buffy), and just ignore Ted.

The only other thing I’ve watched this year was WanderVision. It took a few episodes to get going, but was good by the end. It’s still pretty standard Marvel at this point, and I did find it forgettable after finishing it. I mean it came out 6 months ago, and I haven’t really thought about it since. I did binge watch it, after the first 2 not really grabbing me and I waited for the whole show to finish. I haven’t watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Loki. They just don’t appeal to me. Even though I’m a big comics fan and I do think that some of the films are fantastic, in general I find the MC throwaway entertainment and just don’t want to invest the time into the series. I’m sure I’ll get round to them eventually.

We’ve also started The X Files, another show that’s important to me from childhood. Tabby’s never seen it, so started that on Disney +. About half way through season 1. Enjoying it and looking forward to the more lore based episodes later on. I don’t remember a lot about the overarching story and looking forward to re-discovering that. Also re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, my favourite anime. It’s dark, full of big monster fights and incredible character arcs.

I’m also looking for a new sitcom to watch on lunch breaks. I’m thinking of starting New Girl. I started it way back when, but didn’t get very far. I think it’s time to give it another shot. 20 minute comedies are ideal for our lunches while working from home.

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