My Upcoming Watch List

Tabby and I moved into our own house in August 2017. Since then I’ve always been borrowing DVDs from my mum. Whenever I give a couple back, I take a couple more and I’ve haven’t ever been without at least something from her shelf, normally something with Nicolas Cage in it. That’s my aim for this week, to get that pile down to zero. I have 3 remaining. Leaving Las Vegas (The Cage film in the list), The Hours and 13: Game of Death. I’m sure I will then borrow more when I give these back.

I’ve also promised a colleague to watch Miracle in Cell no. 7. He told me to watch it, close to a year ago now, and I keep on meaning to. I plan to watch that this weekend. I’ve also been recommended Let the Right One In, by one of my oldest friends and plan to get around to that this week as well.

I mainly watch films through a DVD rental service we have in the UK, Cinema Paradiso. While there are a lot of films on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon. The streaming giants don’t offer everything and when I find something I want to watch, I want to watch it as soon as possible. I have 2 discs on the way, which should arrive tomorrow. April Fool’s Day and The Suicide Club.

April Fool’s Day is on the list, as I’ve been watching In Search of Darkness, an extremely long documentary about 1980s horror. Anything that’s taken my fancy has gone on the list and April Fool’s Day is the next to arrive.

The Suicide Club was on the list, as I’ve recently read a few blogs and seen a couple of YouTube videos about the films of Japanese director Sion Sono. I haven’t seen much Japanese cinema, mostly the classic horror films, and liked the style of Sono from what I’ve seen. I added a lot of his films to my list and will hopefully be watching a ton of them soon. (Funnily enough he’s also directed Prisoners of the Ghostland which stars Nicolas Cage and is due to get its premier in London in August. Everything is connected).

There are also a few cinema releases due out this week that I plan on seeing. The Forever Purge, Escape Room 2, The Croods 2 (Also Cage) and Space Jam 2. Lots of sequels this week. I have a Cineworld Unlimited card and try to see everything I can. There’s another film out this week called Deerskin, which looks good but would mean travelling a fair distance to see it as it’s not being shown at my local Cineworld.

I just thought I would post a quick list of what I was planning on watching soon, with reviews for most of them shortly afterwards. Have you seen any of the films I’ve mentioned, or want to? Let me know.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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3 Responses to My Upcoming Watch List

  1. ManInBlack says:

    You’ve not seen “Let the Right One In”? Well, you are in for a real treat! Superbly atmospheric and empathetic whilst being consistently creepy!
    “Miracle in Cell no. 7” is a nice little film too. šŸ™‚

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