The Watch List – Tenet

I ventured out of my home for the first time in months, not including a handful of trips to see my parents. This time, I pushed myself to go to the cinema. The world is very slowly returning to normal and as eager as I am for that to happen, I think being couped up for so long has made the outside world seem alien and uninviting. If I didn’t push myself then I don’t think I would ever get out there again.

Tenet was well worth the trip out to see it. It was good just to be back in the cinema, something I had missed. As soon as the trailers started, it was like a breath of normality. Even seeing the new Bond trailer for the fiftieth time felt fresh and exciting. Tenet itself was a captivating film. Right from the beginning it holds nothing back and carries on running all the way through at a quick pace. There are moments that I wasn’t sure what was happening, I just knew I was enjoying it. It was worth the wait and I think it’s something that will improve on future watches.

The only downside was wearing a mask for the entire film. It wasn’t as uncmofortabe as I thought it was but it is an almost contstant reminder of the world we are living in. It does make me question whether I would rather just wait for the films to come out on Blu Ray and/or streaming. It’s a question for a later date, but something that I will be thinking about over the next few weeks. I love going to the cinema and have used my Cineworld Unlimited card a ton since I got it 4 years back. It may be time to call it a day on that.

Before then, at the weekend, Tabby and I watched our 2 weekly films. This time it was, The Invisible Man and Glass. Both highly anticipated films on my list. Before lockdown, as distant as that seems, we couldn’t fit The Invisible Man in at the cinema, as much as I wanted to. I think the advert giving the whole plot away made it less of a priority. Early on in lockdown, when all of the podcasts I listen to were singing its praises, I just couldn’t justify the price to rent it, as much as I wanted to. It would have been worth it. From the opening scene the film is tense. It grabs you and for two hours doesn’t let you go. I really enjoyed it. I wish I knew how they filmed some of the scenes, considering it’s really low budget. One of the most tense films in recent times, and even got a scream out of Tabby at one point. Highly recommended.

I was a little worried about Glass, the final part of the Unbreakable trilogy. I’d seen the reviews and knew it wasn’t supposed to live up the first 2 parts. I was surprised, I really enjoyed it. It may have been low expectations, but it just clicked for me early on. It was good to see the characters again and the twist at the end worked. I didn’t see it coming. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who hadn’t enjoyed or seen the previous films, but it is worth watching just for James McAvoy. Such a good actor in everything he’s in. I’ve now seen 4 of Shyamalan’s films, and I plan on seeing a lot more. So far I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve seen.

A couple of months back, Tabby and I binged the new series of The Twilight Zone. Well worth a watch. I haven’t seen any of the originals, although I did see the 1980s film with my dad a few years back. Tabby hadn’t seen it, and this led us to watching this. The film is an anthology of stories, most of which are retellings of stories from the original TV show. The film is plagued by the on set death of one of its stars, Vic Morrow and two children. It does make you wonder why they kept that segment of the anthology, which ends abruptly. As good as the premise is, a racist and prejudiced man experiencing the racism and prejudice himself, there is a morbid feeling while watching it. I suppose most people watchign it now wouldn’t know about it, I didn’t when I first watched it and Tabby only knew as I told her at the end of the film. It probably shold have been cut out. The rest of the tales are enjoyable and fun to watch. From Speilberg’s wholesome ‘Kick the Can’ segment to a tetelling of ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’, staring John Lithgow instead of William Shatner, each one offers some enjoyment, even if the film is unremarkable as a whole. It’s definitey not the worst way to spend an evening and Richard Matheson’s writnig still shines throughout the film.

There are too many films for one post, so there will be another one on Friday. Thank you for reading, and until next time,


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