The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

I was quite surpsied when this was aannouced a few months back. I didn’t think we would get another Hunger Games book. I read the original trilogy back towards the end of sixth form. I read them all in one week, one day after another. I borrowed each of them from the library and read them all evening and into the night by lamplight. They were so thilling and exciting and easy to read. But that was almost a decade ago.

When this book was announced, I was excited. I pre-ordered it and once it arrived, I placed the book I was reading to one side and started this straight away. It was as I started that it fully dawned on me that I don’t remember anything about The Hunger Games, besides the braod strokes and general idea. I wasn’t that worried as this is a stand alone prequel. But for example, it wasn’t until the closing chapters of this book that I figured out that Coriolanus Snow would be come President Snow in his future.

I think not remembering much made this book even better. I didn’t remember the end of this characters arc, so every twist was even more shocking. This book is so gripping and unlike many prequels, worth reading. It is completley accessible to anyone who hasn’t read the originals, and adds to the world that many fell in love with way back when.

The story centres around Coriolanus Snow, who is one of the few chosen students in the capital to mentor a tribute in the 10th annual Hunger Games. The tribute he is mentoring is Lucy Gray from District 12. She may not look like she can fight, but her spirit and personality wins the crowd over to her, which in some instances is more important than strength.

As the story unfolds, the difference between the capital and the districts start to blur and in the end it becomes a story of control over chaos. At the heart of the story is a trio of characters that made me want to turn page after page until I reached the end.

Without spoiling anything, there were twists that I didn’t expect, tension that made me stay up late to read just one more chapter and I enjoyed the book so much I want to go back and read the originals again.

Even if you haven’t read The Hunger Games, or seen the films (I haven’t seen them, as when they came out they just didn’t appeal to me. I liked the books too much), I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s an exciting thrillride that I’m sure most people will enjoy.

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what were your thoughts? Had you read the originals first or seen the films? As always, thanks for reading and until next time,


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