The Best and the Worst

I’ve just finished watching Iron Fist on Netflix. It took me about 2 and a half months to get through the 13 episodes. It took me over a week to get through episode 10, stop start, a few minutes every day. I know that I should have listened to the reviews, but I like the comics and had to finish it. After the first couple of episodes I was hopeful. It didn’t seem that bad, in fact I was enjoying it. I don’t know what happened, but around episode 5/6 it became such a drag. At least it’s over now, one less thing on my “continue watching”.

Contrary, I finished Mindhunter yesterday. 3 days, 10 episodes. And now a year wait until the next one. one of the better series this year. I gave it a go because of David Fincher’s involvement, and about half way through episode 2 I was hooked. The first episode took a while to set up the series, and I wasn’t sure what I was watching, but episode 2 focused in and dragged me along with it. There aren’t many series that make me that excited to carry on. Sadly, like with Dirk Gently earlier in the year, it’s going to be quite a wait for season 2 after binging the whole season in a few days.

Even better was Blade Runner 2049. A sequel over 30 years in the waiting that actually lives up to the first one. A brilliant cast and one of my favourite films of the year so far. It expands on the themes from the first film and further blends the line between human and replicant.

Another one of my favourite films of the year so far is Gerald’s Game. A Stephen King novel I haven’t read, but will do soon. My Mum has always raved about this book, saying it’s one of the scariest things she has ever read. I can well imagine that after seeing the film. The Moonlight Man is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. Overall I enjoyed it more than IT, which I also thought was fantastic.

And finally onto writing. I haven’t been doing that much in the last week. Maybe one good session. Every day I wake up intending to write, and most days I just don’t. I’ve been watching TV, reading and getting distracted from writing. I feel like I need to make a schedule and actually follow it, but I have no self discipline. I’ll have to do research into better scheduling. It’s the same with The Broken Pocketwatch. I don’t need to do much to upload it, I just put it off.

I’ll upload the next chapter on Friday (Thursday for Patreon), and then I’ll make sure I do it every week. Hopefully I’ll get stuck in a routine. I’m going to go and write at least 500 words of 2467 and carry on listening to Robert Plant’s new album.

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