A Month Goes by and Everything has Changed

It’s been just under a month since I last posted on here. I’ve moved into my own house, with my girlfriend and last month almost seems like a lifetime ago. It’s been hectic, crazy, irritating, stressful and all worth it. I have been writing while not posting on here. About once or twice a week, 500-1000 words. I’m happy with how that’s going. I haven’t been editing, which isn’t really a surprise. I was hoping to have a good chunk of The Broken Pocket Watch ready to upload on here once I got the internet back, but that didn’t happen. I will upload the next chapter this Friday and hopefully get back to a schedule next week.

I’ve filled my bedside table with all of my unread books, and will be making my way through them over the next few weeks, or months. There’s quite a few. At the moment I’m reading The Smoking Hourglass by Jennifer Bell, the first Game of Thrones book, Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar as well as King’s It. I’ve always had a habit of getting into too many books at once, but at least with them on my bedside table I can see them all there.

I started reading It after watching the superb film at the weekend. While it is no where near as scary as I was expecting, it was still a very good film. In my top 5 of the year so far without hesitation. The whole film flew by and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t want to wait for the next part so I picked up the book on the way home. I’m only about 50 pages in so far, but I’m enjoying it as well. This will be the longest book I’ve ever read, and probably will be the longest book I ever read unless I attempt Alan Moore’s Jerusalem.

Twin Peaks finished last week. It took me about a day to come to terms with that being the end forever. No more Cooper. This season had it’s highs and lows. There were a couple of episodes that felt way too slow. A floor sweeping scene that took so much time I forgot I was watching TV. Episode 8, which will forever be the weirdest hour of TV ever made. But it all came together at the end. I suppose it was stupid to expect the new season to be like the original Twin Peaks, and after Inland Empire I should just be glad I understood it at all. I think the ending wraps everything up quite nicely and gives the whole show an ending that suits it. I can’t wait to watch the whole season again and see what I missed.

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