Another week flies by, and things still feel the same. Writing is still slow, which is irritating. I can’t seem to just sit there and write. I had 2 good days last week, but every other day is just filled with pushing it later and later until bedtime arrives and there’s no time left. I need to be harsher with myself. It’s annoying that I’m not doing it, and it’s from plain laziness. There was also no story uploads last week, simply because I only remembered when I was away from home. As stupid as that sounds, it’s the truth.

There will be the next chapter of To The Other on Wednesday for my Patrons and the next chapter of The Broken Pocket Watch on here, Friday (Thursday for Patrons). No excuses.

My aim this week is too organise my days better. Maybe a stricter schedule outside of work would help in some way. I’ll set tomorrow that 10am til 11am will be for writing. I’ll just sit in front of the computer and do it. I say tomorrow, yet it’s half midnight so later today. What happened to the time. I’m sure by 9am I’ll have forgotten and scrapped the idea, but let’s see.

I’ve nearly finished reading See How They Lie, only about 50 pages to go. My hope is to finish it and have a review on here on Wednesday. After one of my readers suggested more book reviews. It’s been a while. I’m sure I’ll achieve that one. I’m enjoying the book so far, and can’t see it getting boring in the last few pages.

I went to see Dunkirk at the weekend. One of the most critically acclaimed films of the year so far. I really enjoyed the film, but I think I was expecting too much. I don’t know how I feel about it. I know there were some great scenes and I really enjoyed a lot of it, but I also wasn’t completely amazed. There were points when I couldn’t look away and completely forgot I was in a cinema, and then reality shook me and I was just waiting for it to end. An incredibly well made film, but I felt very detached from it while also enjoying it. If that makes sense, because it doesn’t really too me and I’ve been thinking about it for the last two days. I’m still not sure.

I’ve started watching Sherlock, which has been one of Tabby’s favourite shows for years. I’ve always been put off by the length of the episodes. After the first 15 minutes I was completely hooked and watched 2 episodes back to back. I can’t wait too watch more. I feel really stupid for letting something so stupid get in the way of watching it, but 90 minutes is a lot of time to dedicate to a TV show.

I’ll get back on that after sleeping and hopefully writing in the morning.

Thanks for reading,


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