Concerning Spider Man and Crash Bandicoot

I was looking forward to Spider-Man Homecoming. Tom Holland proved he was a good Spider-Man in Civil War, but now it’s his turn to take centre stage. He is a brilliant Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I wasn’t comparing him to either of the recent actors while watching the film, which I always think shows a strong performance.

The Vulture is one of my favourite villains from the early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics. Michael Keaton did a great job bringing him to the big screen. He was a well made character, whose motive feels justified. His suit looked cool and there were some entertaining fight scenes. What more can you ask for in a comic book film?

I enjoyed the film, although it did feel like it dragged on a little. My biggest problem, which might not be a problem at all as I may be wrong, is the timeline in the film. It securely establishes that Homecoming takes place 8 years after Avenger Assemble (As it’s called in the UK) and a couple of months after Civil War. Avengers was set in 2012, which means that Homecoming and Civil War are set in 2020. The next Avengers film, Infinity War, according to Kevin Feige is supposed to be set 4 years after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which was set in 2014), so 2018. It’s not really a problem, and it won’t ruin any part of the series for anyone. But it bugged me as I figured it out while the opening scenes were playing.

It’s a decent film, either way. I recommend it. One of the better comic book films I’ve seen this year. No where near as good as Baby Driver, which was simply stunning. I recommend that above all else. Brilliant cast, acting, directing and most importantly music. Best film of the year, and proving that Edgar Wright can’t go wrong.

The rest of my week has been spent either at work, writing or reliving my childhood with the remakes of Crash Bandicoot. I’m having a love/hate relationship with the trilogy. On one hand it’s been so long since I’ve been able to play a “new” Crash game, 9 years. So it’s good to see he’s back. On the other hand, not everything is better. At the moment I’ve got 100% on the first game, and a decent way into the 2nd. The controls don’t feel right, some of the jumps feel off. I keep on slipping off things I wouldn’t have in the original, which I only played 6 months ago. I don’t think all of the graphical improvements work. The level Slippery Climb, it doesn’t look like you’re climbing a menacing tower of doom and dread. It looks like a playmobil castle, which is simply stupid.

While I have some minor issues with the game, I still love playing it. It’s good to see Crash back, the 9 years were worth the wait. Getting the platinum trophy on the first one was so challenging (I hate those time trials) and yet so rewarding. I hope getting the 2nd and 3rd while prove to be as exciting. It’s worth the money for a nice remake.

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