Lovely Times

It’s too hot and I have bad hayfever. Too much time was spent last week leaning against the bath tub, with a tissue held under my nose as blood freely flowed. I hate summer. It’ll go by quickly and then winter will be here and that will go as well.

I wrote a little this week, but probably only around 1000 words. Disappointing little. It’s taking too long to get into writing 2467. I’m excited about it, and I’m sure it’ll pick up once I get into the actual story. It’s still frustrating though. So much wasted time.

I read 13 Reasons Why last week. I saw it was getting great reviews as a netflix series, but me being me, it has to be the book. I will watch the series soon. The book was brilliant, a little bit weak in the ending, but I really enjoyed it. I can see how it would work well as a series. I need to finish Game of Thrones first, but this will be my next one.

My next book to read will be Moonlocket, the sequel to Cogheart. I really enjoyed the first book set in a world full of clockwork animals and people. Really easy and enjoyable read. I imagine it will become a film at some point.

I’m still reading Ulysses slowly.

At the weekend I went to see both Pirates 5 and Wonder Woman. Both of them were ok. Not bad, but nothing spectacular. I kind of expected this from Pirates, but was disappointed in Wonder Woman. The trailers looked awesome and I actually liked Batman vs Superman. I wouldn’t recommend either, but it’s not the worst waste of time out there. Looking forward to the Mummy this week.

It’s a short update this week, but it’s been uneventful. Hopefully this week will be better. I’ll be uploading the next chapter of The Broken Pocket Watch on Friday (Thursday on PATREON)

Thanks for reading


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