On to the Next One

Last Thursday I finished writing The Broken Pocket Watch. It took me just over a year to write it, and I was nearly late for work because I was so close and couldn’t leave it for Friday. I started writing while I was waiting for the disappointing Battleborn to install and load up. Can’t believe that was over a year ago.

Originally the story was meant to take place over a couple of decades, but ultimately ended up being just one Winter in Nymia’s life. The ending changed, right up until I wrote it. I woke up with one idea in mind, and something else came out as I typed. Most of the things I write end up differing from my original idea, but this takes the record for most changes.

The whole story is 21 chapters long, unless I change that in editing. I will publish chapter 5 here on Friday, and a day earlier on my Patreon. It feels weird being so far ahead of what I’m putting on here, especially since I want people to read the ending so much.

I’ve already started writing my next story, which is currently called 2467. It’s about a group of people from different times that are re-awoken in 2467. I’ve been working on the plot for  a few months and am really excited to actually start writing. It’s science fiction with a hint of horror. I’m only 500 words into it so far and there is a plan, to an extent. I don’t have an ending in mind. But it will come to me.

Last week I took a challenge from a friend. He told me I should try reading Ulysses since I have an English/Creative Writing degree, and like reading. So I decided to read it. I went out on payday and bought the hefty tome. Sat down and started it. I’ve read 40 pages, which is no big feat but it’s a start. I’m aiming to read about 10 pages a day because it feels like something which should be read slowly and focused, rather than rushed. It will take me about half a year at this rate. Maybe I will read more as I get into it, but either way I will finish it.

I’ve started watching Game of Thrones for the third time. This time I’ve finished the first season. The first time I stopped after episode one to read the book, which I didn’t finish because I highly underestimated the reading load at Uni. The second time, I couldn’t get into it. Probably still bitter about not finishing the book. I don’t even know where my copy is any more. I’m enjoying it a hell of a lot more this time, and feel ashamed of how long I’ve been missing out.

While writing this update I’ve been listening to Paramore’s new album for the first time. On track 8, Grudges, at the moment. Which is my favourite so far. I really liked the first single, Hard Times, but found the second one, Told You So, boring. It’s grown on me a little. The whole album seems underwhelming, especially when compared to their earlier albums. At least in my opinion. I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I didn’t think I’d ever like their self-titled album when I first heard it but now I love it.

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To The Other, Chapter One and Two will be uploaded to Patreon on Wednesday.

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