New Schedule and Patreon


I want to give a quick update on the blog and my new upcoming stories.

The Broken Pocket Watch is pretty much finished. I’m just over 48000 words into it, which is so close to the end it’s unreal. It’s taken about a year to write. I should finish it today, or tomorrow. Friday at the latest. My plan is to carry on publishing one chapter a week on here, every Friday. There will probably be a print version/ebook later in the year, but I think it’s more important just to get it out there. I’m reasonably happy with how it’s gone, even though the plot shares near enough nothing with the original plan.

Every Monday I’m going to write a random update post on here, it could be about what I’m reading, how writing is going, what I’m listening to or playing. It could be about absolutely anything. Whatever I wake up and feel like writing about. Next Monday should be about the Broken Pocket Watch, and the process of writing it.

And now for the big announcement. I’ve set up a Patreon page. Check it out HERE 

If you want, you can support me on there for as little as $1 a month. It’s completely optional, and new stories will still be on here regularly. But any money I earn through it will go towards paying an editor and hiring an artist for book covers. So feel free to share it and support me. Thank you.

All Patreons will also get the weekly chapters of The Broken Pocket Watch a day early on Thursdays as well as other rewards and exclusive stories.

The exclusive part on Patreon will be every Wednesday. I plan on publishing To The Other, chapter by chapter on Wednesdays. This will only be available to patrons. After I’ve published all of the To The Other chapters,  I will move onto The Fragmented Sequence Part Two – From Within. It’s been sitting on my laptop for too long and needs to be read. It will be exclusive to Patreon with a print/ebook version coming later.

If you feel like supporting me, I can’t thank you enough.


Thanks for reading,


About ashleymanningwriter

Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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