Eyes of the Architect – Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Smoke swirls around me, covering the world. I can’t move. Nothing. Just smoke. Silence. The lit end of a cigarette, shines through. Shaking. No control. Pain. Starts in head, moves down body to toes. Panic. Can’t move. Want to move. Need to move.

Calm. The smoke dissolves. I’m back in the classroom. The young man is flicking the cigarette in the ashtray. There is no boy in classroom. I’m the boy. The man stares at me.

“You know what he did to me?”

I do nothing.

The man takes a drag, flicks and with his other hand extends his thumb. He slowly pulls it across his neck. It slices through his skin, blood draining out. Eyes staring, fading. Turning to black. The blood running down as his head leans back. I squirm, close my eyes. But they snap open. Locked in place. His head flicks back and the cut closes. The blood carries on running down until it’s all behind the table, leaving no stain. As if it never happened.

“That’s what he did to me,” another flick. “In my sleep as well. Wife next to me. He left her though. She found my body in the morning, soaked in a pool of my own piss and blood. Scared the life out of her. They called it a suicide. What kind of person kills themselves like that. Lying next to a loved one. I did love her. And he even left the knife in my hand. Don’t believe me look it up. Brad Stanton. Look it up. You’ll find it. What that monster did to me. I can still feel it.”

This was too real to be a dream. I could taste the smoke in the air, feel the breeze from the open window. The slight clapping of the blinds.

“I thought he was the next chosen one. I was wrong. Maybe it was me, and I trained him badly, but I’ve had long enough to think about that. I did nothing wrong. It was him. He never believed from the first part. He wasn’t a true Eye of the Architect. Somehow he could tap into it, but it wasn’t for him. I’ve had long enough to think about it. I didn’t expect you to come here though. His son. Are you next. I wonder. It doesn’t normally pass down through generations.”

I try to move.

“Don’t struggle. I’m not going to hurt you. It’s a dream for God sake. I can’t do anything to you. All I can do is talk. I’m not even here. I just have something to tell you. You found that letter. Yes The Eyes knew about it. It called to you, and that shows you can tap into the Architect’s power. We’re not a cult. We are above that. Your life, with us, will mean more than most. We help shape the world. Keep it free. Stop the idiots destroying what has taken generations to create.”

“The Architect, who is he?” I ask.

“He’s everything. And nothing. He doesn’t exist. Not in the physical world. His teachings has been crafted and bent to represent the whole. It might make no sense now, but it will. After your training.”


“You can sense things. You were pulled to that letter, the one your father wrote, and through that it shows you can tap into the higher energies of the world.”

“Like magic.”

“Not that fancy. You can’t fly, or destroy things. You can do simple things. These simple things will change the world.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Eyes of The Architect is a group of people who can tap into the higher energies. We operate all over the world and direct the leaders of the world.”

“The illuminati,” I chuckle.

“Not far off it. We have stopped wars, caused wars. Destruction to save lives. Everything is to help the human race survive. To make sure it survives for the next generation of Eyes.”

“What about my dad. He killed you.”

“He did. He wanted to take power. Killed me in my sleep. The coward. Wouldn’t fight me, no. He’s a coward in a man’s body. For some reason he can tap into the power, but he doesn’t use it for good. For greed, and only that.”

“He’s not a bad man.”

“How can you say that. He killed me in cold blood. Look up my name. When you wake, make that the first thing you do. This will prove everything. You aren’t making this up in your head. You have never heard of me before. I died before you were born. You do not know your father. No one really does. I don’t. I trusted him, and he betrayed me.”

“He’s a good man.”

“Maybe to his son, but to the rest of the world he is evil. They may not see it, but he is. The way he has manipulated those around him.”

“He’s an IT consultant. There isn’t anything special about that.”

“Sure. You’re right, but he just wants a low profile. All of the rewards, without the work. To keep his life, he has to make sure there is someone else taking the power and the responsibility. He doesn’t care about ruling, he just wants to make sure he’s safe. Money, power, security. It’s all there for him, and he’s done it without the help of the Eyes. He killed me because I wanted to train him. Make his power of use for the world. There are so few of us every Generation. If one of us finds new blood, then we take them in, train them. Make them of use. It’s not a good life, but it is a worthy sacrifice. We have families who depend on us. My wife didn’t know anything about my actual life. She thought I worked as a security guard at the shopping centre. I never did. I took enough money from the richest, to keep me alive. And the rest of the time I spent aiming for the Architects plan. He killed me because I wouldn’t stop trying to teach him. I wanted him to use his gifts to help the world. Instead he wanted an easy life, and killed me.”

“It doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t he just ignore you.”

“I wasn’t the first he killed. He killed many before me, and probably some after me.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because, it’s important. You have the gift. And you have a choice to make. I can only speak to you briefly. But I will be back at some point. Until then you have to think about what I’ve told you.”

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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