One Week Down

My two weeks holiday have reached the half way point. I’ve stuck to my writing, pretty much every day, getting 5000 words done so far. I’m pretty happy with that. The story is longer than I thought it would be, and I’m not sure how close to the end I am. It’s going to be closer to 10000 words at this point. I’m trying something different, and hopefully it comes out alright. I’m still aiming to post it on here sometime early February. Probably in a couple of posts.

The last book I finished was Star Wars: Aftermath. The first in a trilogy set between episode 6 and 7. It was pretty decent, but nothing spectacular. I liked the characters and hope they are developed in the sequel. I’m definitely getting the second book when it comes out in March. It has a lot of potential, and now that everyone is introduced it should lead the way to a better story.

My biggest problem with it though *minor spoiler* was that there were a couple of times the reader is led to believe a character has died, only for them to walk into the next scene with a really flimsy excuse for their escape. Even the robot gets rebuilt. It got rid of the risk for the characters by the end of it, and I knew they weren’t going to die or get injured.


Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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