Bye Bye November

I honestly don’t know where most of that month went. One minute I’m writing for Halloween the next thing presents are being bought, cards written and plans being made. Not that I know anything about what’s happening. I won’t get my work schedule for the Christmas week until the 18th so I have no idea when I’m working. Not to worry though. I should have plenty of time to write.

The second part of Sins of the Past is coming along nicely. I had some pretty good feedback from the first part. People seemed to like different aspects of it while disliking others. I’m taking it on board for the second part. No date yet, but shouldn’t be too long now.

I’m also working on a christmasy short story that I’m pretty sure people will hate. It should be fun though. Dark as well. Really fun to write, though. Not much to say about that for the time being, it’s quite early in the process.

In the new year I’m going into overdrive with the second book in The Fragmented Sequence. It’s so close to being done, it’s silly. I have a date in my head, but I’m not jinxing it. About 5000 words to go and then editing (The first part of it has been edited once already)

That’s the updates out of the way. I’m listening to the 3 new Fall Out Boy songs on repeat while writing this. Immortals, Centuries and American Beauty/American Psycho. I didn’t like them at first but they have grown on me very quickly and I cannot wait for the new album. It’s a different sound, but still has the FOB style there.

There is also only 1 week to go until the album, Monuments to an Elegy by The Smashing Pumpkins. I’ve heard 3 songs from it so far, Being Beige my favourite, and I think this is going to be brilliant follow up to Oceania.

I’ve also been playing a ton of Far Cry 4, since it came out. I finished the campaign on Saturday with a 44% completion. I’m going for the full 100% but it’s so fun just exploring Kyrat. I still think the 3rd one was better, but this is a very close second. There is a hell of a lot to do and it’s very varied.

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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2 Responses to Bye Bye November

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I woke up certain that my phone was lying to me about the month. I can’t believe November is gone … nor the ten months preceding it! (Slow down a little, hey, Time?)


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