London Super Comic Con

One of the biggest comic conventions in the uk rolled around last weekend. Of course I had to be there. And had a great time. Meet some amazing creators, spoke to some other fans, picked up some bargains and learnt more about my biggest passion, comics. 

First thing to do on the weekend was get in Mark Buckingham’s line. My girlfriend’s favourite artist. I do quite like him as well. He’s been drawing Fables for about 10 years, and before that he worked with Neil Gaiman on Miracleman, Sandman and Death. All great comics. This year we got a joint sketch from him of Bigby from Fables. It’s signed To Tabatha and Ashley, Mark Buckingham, with his little crown signature as well. One of the nicest sketches we’ve got. I will try and scan it in soon to show it to you all. 

We met John Layman, someone I’ve wanted to meet for a while. The writer of Chew, which is quite possibly the craziest comic ever written. A world where chicken is banned and underground places open up offering the poultry on the menu. Madness follows. He was also selling a Kill Bill style cover for issue 35. Couldn’t help but get that one. 

Recently I’ve been reading many David Lapham books. Finished Stray Bullets, after picking up issue 41 at the weekend. Hoping to find Stray Bullets: Killers #1 next time I go into the local comic shop. Stray Bullets is one of the best series I’ve ever read. It’s like Tarentino in a comic. Every issue is a different story, but they all build up a world full of characters that make many appearances.

Got to finish a portfolio for uni tomorrow, and then a presentation on thursday, another portfolio a week on sunday, the dissertation sometime after that, and then and an exam and essay. All done. Cannot wait. It’s not been all bad, but it’s felt that way this year. 

Hoping to go to Thought Bubble this year. Got to keep on thinking about that and I will get through the end of uni. Scott Snyder is going. He is my favourite writer, aside from Alan Moore. I have a stack of around 50 issues for him to sign. I have plenty of time to slim that down, or work on my apology after handing them to him. He writes the series American Vampire, which I forced myself to read because it was him who wrote it (Along with Stephen King for the first 5 issues). I didn’t like the first issue, but it gets better and by issue 10 I was hooked. Now it’s one of my favourite series. This weeks marks its return after a year hiatus. Cannot wait to pick that up tomorrow. I’ve avoided previews and cannot wait to read it. 

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