Part 7

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I’m in a corridor. Dark. Empty. Nothing. I can’t see anything in front of me. I had shut the door behind me, not thinking it was the only light source. I step forward. Feet echo. Not brave enough to take another. Want to turn back now, but can’t. There has to be something here. Something to prove one way, or another Abe’s intentions. Everything was unlocked up to here, so he trusts me, at least he wants me to think that. Why isn’t my head hurting. How long has it been since the plane crash? Not long, can’t be. My head doesn’t hurt.

Don’t know if my eyes have adjusted to the dark, or a lights been turned on somewhere, but I can just about see. There is a door just in front of me, on the left wall. Locked. Another one opposite. Locked as well. Both just normal doors. Both locked. I can’t hear anything from beyond the second one, not that I was really expecting too. Come on. I don’t know how long I’ve got.

Can’t see to the end of the corridor, but can see enough to start walking. Every step echoes. I try to slow down, plant every step down with no sound. But it can’t be done. I’ve got boots on. That would have been a good start. I take them off. The echo is gone near enough. I can still hear each step, but that’s just in my head. I’m sure of it. No one would be able to hear me. They would have probably already heard me by now. Stop thinking that.

Another door, on the right, locked. Then nothing. The corridor carries on and on.

“I told you to stay in your room, why do you never listen.”

Frozen. No. How did he get there. Where is he? Behind me. I slowly turn.

“Don’t turn around to make sure I’m there. I’m here. Now carry on walking. I have something to show you. I didn’t want you to see it straight away, but you might as well. I’m guessing it’s what you were looking for. Carry on. Yeah, next left door. Should be unlocked. I don’t like locking doors, but as you can tell people wonder when they shouldn’t be. I didn’t lock this one, as I didn’t think anyone would even try. The light switch is just inside, on the right. It’s there you’ll find it. Sorry. I didn’t want you to find out like this.”

No. no no no no. It’s not him. Can’t be. I won’t let it be. Can’t reach the table where Chip is laying. Half of his stomach had been ripped out. No. No. He’s alright. He has to be. We’ll get through everything together. I drop to my knees. Why?


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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