Back to writing

I’ve finished my assignments, sent them off and shouldn’t have another for a couple of months. It feels good to once again not have that impending doom feeling hovering above me. My plans for the next couple of weeks is to get back to writing the second book in The Fragmented Sequence. I’m getting close to the end and should finish it. While doing that I’m also going to be editing the The Man Out of Place, which is coming along nicely. 

Nearly finished reading The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. I’ve enjoyed it. More than I thought I would, especially since not a lot happens. Afterwards I have The Sun Also Rises to read, followed by Lord of the Flies. I’ve wanted to read Lord of the Flies for a long time, and have set it on my table to be read as soon as possible. 

Recently I’ve been playing Earthbound, the old Snes game that was finally released in this country last year on the Nintendo virtual console. I’ve known about this game for a few years and have wanted to play it from the first moment I found out about it. I’m about 4 hours into it at the moment and all it’s done is cement the idea that the snes is my favourite console. It’s just brilliant and I am having to stop myself from going back and playing it right now rather than get on with some writing. 

Watched The Frozen Ground over the weekend. My mum is a massive Nicolas Cage fan, so I’ve seen more than enough of his films. This one however was actually really good. The best thing he’s made in years, which may not be saying much, but I was expecting another Stolen, when I got a good entertaining film also based on a true story. The last film he made, The Croods, was actually quite good as well. One of my favourite films of last year. Hopefully this good film streak will keep up. 

Anyway, I’m of to go and do some writing. 1000 words is the aim. 

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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