Finding Old Stuff

Over the weekend me and my brother wanted to play Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. One of the first games either of us ever played. I found out the old shoe box that contained it all and we set it up. It’s been at least 10 years since we actually played this seriously. Both of us at some point has played the first couple of levels, but never got that far. This time was different. We had a goal. So far we have gotten quite a bit through the game. Nearly at the end. (We haven’t done that many secret levels. Just the main ones.) I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. It really is a great game. 

While I was looking for the old shoe box I found a note book from about 5/6 years ago. Green cover, thin A4 pages, scribbled notes in the first 20-30 pages. Something I thought I lost a long time ago. It was a story I started writing years ago, but it still keeps on coming back to me. I always assumed the note book was gone, and intended on one day writing it again. It was a real shock that it has been under my bed for so long. I used to write one page a day, in very small and nearly unreadable writing. As with many of my writing attempts I didn’t get that far with it, but unlike many of my writing attempts I’ve never forgotten about it. (It’s really weird finding something from 5-6 years ago and thinking “Did I write this?” I have always wanted to write. For as long as I can remember I’ve had some kind of project going. I have a chest full of paper with stories scribbled all over them. Most of them are copies of things I was reading or watching at the time.)

The story I found was about 3 sibblings (one girl and two boys) who decide to go out into the sea to follow the trail their dad left a couple of years before, when he went missing. I haven’t read it all back yet, but I will do over the next couple of days. I’m thinking about writing it up and putting bits of it on here. We’ll see when the time comes. 

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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2 Responses to Finding Old Stuff

  1. kcorym says:

    I love that game, this reminds me when I was young I started writing up the story of Starwing (Starfox), I was gonna do each level (or planet/sector) as an individual story. I’m wandering where that’s gone to now… 🙂


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