New York Comic Con

One of the biggest comic events of the year took place over the weekend. And as usual I sat by my computer waiting for various websites to give me updates and new announcements. The first announcement that took my interest was the special edition of Detective Comics #27 that comes out next year. This won’t be a reprint of the original Detective Comics #27 for the 75th anniversary of Batman (who first appeared in Detective Comics #27). It will be a whole new issue as part of the new 52. The reason it interests me is because it’s going to be a longer comic featuring some legends who have written/drawn batman over the ages. Writers like Paul Dini, John Layman and Scott Snyder along with artists like Sean Murphey, Neal Adams, Guillem March and Frank Miller. I’m really excited to see new Frank Miller Batman, even if it is only a 5 page story.

The next thing I saw announced was Batman Eternal. A weekly comic that will be written and illustrated by a rotating set of writers and artists, all of it will be guided by Scott Snyder who is setting up a big arc to follow Zero Year in the main Batman comic. I will buy anything Snyder writes. Apart from the annual and issue 0 of Swamp Thing the man has done nothing that bad in my eyes.

Activision announced along with Marvel that there is going to be a second Amazing Spider-Man game to tie into the next film. I honestly didn’t expect that. I loved the first game and just assumed there wouldn’t be a sequel as the movie is approaching fast. Hopefully it will be as good as the first.

A load of new Marvel series were announced, ranging from a new Ghost Rider series to Silver Surfer. While I’m not sure if I will be picking any of these up, I will look into it closer to the time.

Most importantly Marvel announced that they are finally going to reprint Miracleman, one of the very few Alan Moore books I haven’t read. Not only are they going to reprint the original 24 issues (the first 16 were written by Moore the last few by Neil Gaiman) they are also going to finish Gaiman’s original story with scripts by Gaiman and art by the original artist, Mark Buckingham. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this. I’ve always wanted to read these stories, and after years of no news about them I just assumed I would be waiting a long time.

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