Part Nine

You can read Part Nine of Jimmy HERE

You can also catch up from part one HERE and use the drop down menu at the top to find the others.

I’m halfway through part 12 now. It’s been a weird experience writing this. I know that people are reading it and catching up to where I am, and I still haven’t finalised the ending. I hope you are enjoying it.

I should be writing part 13 tomorrow, 14 Thursday and then the final part on Friday. After that I’m going to get on with the currently untitled sequel to To The Other. I’m thinking about a similar name. Join The Other, perhaps. Or it might be something completely different like Beyond The Fringe. That sounds familiar. I just googled it and now know why it sounded familiar. Not good. Something else then. Maybe just Beyond. Another. The Next Step. The Last Step. One More Step. Avoid the Other. Help The Other. Hopefully something better will come up before I finish. Title for the first book was originally Fragmented Nights. But I wanted it to be clear that it was part of a sequel so changed it to To The Other and used Fragmented at the title of the series.

Enough with that. I hate giving things titles. In my first year of uni for my poetry module I was told to write a poem about my dad. So after a week of worrying about it, I named it “Dad” and it was the only time I was told I had a good title. It’s a problem for future Ashley now.

I finished Neil Gaiman’s new book recently. The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It was pretty good. Well written. Very good characters. Quite short. But it was a little thin. It reminded me of Coraline, plot-wise, just not as scary. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has never read Gaiman before. Try Stardust, American Gods or Coraline. But I’m sure someone who has read his other books would enjoy it. I would give it around 7/10.

Now to read Corey Taylor’s new book.

Thanks for reading,


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