The fourth book is finally here. Zom-B Angel

The fourth book is finally here. Zom-B Angel is the latest instalment in Darren Shan’s epic zombie series. This book chronicles B as she finds her way around a base for revitalised zombies. While this is the slowest book of the series so far, it is also my favourite and the one that has really set the overall plot in motion. While I would recommend reading the other three first, I think you could start reading here without much problem.

As usual, Shan gives us a load of gore with a bit of humour thrown in. Some of it is very well done. Shan really develops the characters during this book. A mix of old characters and new are thrown together, and that’s where the books only downfall comes. There are just simply too many characters. While I’m sure they will become important in later books, some of the characters, who were given names, only appear on a couple of pages and it became a little confusing at times to remember which one is which. Saying that though, the characters that are involved a lot in the story are really well created. Their personalities are completely 3 dimensional.

A lot of secrets were revealed in this book, which I won’t go into for obvious reasons, and they are really shocking. The Zom-B series has been full of twists, and they have all been brilliantly done. There are a couple in this book which really made me think about earlier plot points.

Zom-B Angels is yet another amazing instalment to Darren Shan’s series, which I think I can now safely say is much better than The Demonata, but has yet to completely rival The Saga of Darren Shan. I look forward to September for Zom-B Baby.

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