Hagurosan by Darren Shan – Review


I wouldn’t know how to exactly define Darren Shan’s latest book, but it definitely isn’t his normal horror stuff. It is, however, a very good read. In a way it’s quite similar to Koyasan by Shan. It’s short, simple and enjoyable. The surprise at the end of Hagurosan was clever and I didn’t see it coming. It’s an uplifting book and surprisingly thought provoking.

The story is about a young boy, Hagurosan, who is given some cake to offer to spirits, but on the way to the shrine he eats the cake and then must pay the price for his sins.

The actual book is designed and printed so people with dyslexia can read it easily. All of the proceeds go to charity, which is a good enough reason to buy it by itself. The charity, No Strings International (Website HERE)

I really enjoyed this book. It’s short, sweet and easy to read. I think people of all ages would enjoy this tale and I recommend it to everyone.

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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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