Jimmy and Dissertation

Tony had been walking down that road for god knows how long. He couldn’t remember if the sun was up when he started, but it was nowhere to be seen when he grew tired of walking. The world around him was dead, it had been for a while. The trees had just stopped growing and the grass quickly followed. It looked like a desert with a road built through it. In some parts of the world it wouldn’t be odd to see something like that, but Tony had left London only a day or two before. He couldn’t have walked that far.


To carry on reading Jimmy – Part One click HERE

Jimmy is the working title of a new project I’ve started. I was reading The Postman Always Rings Twice yesterday and was inspired to write a story. All I had one was little scene. It expanded quickly into an idea for a comic, but that isn’t practical. I can’t draw. Instead I started writing and it quickly developed into a story. I’m 3000 words through it at the moment, and am writing it in parts of roughly 1000 words each. If you like it I would appreciate your feedback. If I get 5 likes on this post I will continue adding more pieces each week. I’m feeling a little unsure about it and I don’t want to put something up if people don’t want to read it. So feedback is very much appreciated.

I also started my dissertation yesterday. i have an idea, 8000 words to play around with and thought I might as well make a start. At the moment I’ve got 500 words, but that’s fine. I’m taking my time. I’ve got nearly a year to do it anyway. It’s about a boy who is taken 2 years into the future and finds that he world has been near enough destroyed. There’s no electricity, no structure other than the fear of a war lord, and a lack of food. It’s inspired by TV shows like Revolution, books like The Dark Tower and comics like East of West. I have to write about the inspirations in my Reflective Analysis so I’m thinking about that early and trying to add them in as I go along, while still keeping it my own piece of work.

I hope you enjoy reading Jimmy, if you do click the link, and I’ll be looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading,


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Young Adult Fiction writer. Horror and fantasy blended together.
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