Sound City

Finished the Gothic module this week. Final book was Hound of the Baskervilles. It’s the third time I’ve read that book and every time I finish it I say that I’m going to read the others. I’ve got the complete collection on my kindle so I don’t really have an excuse now. It’s one of my aims for the summer. (At least to have read A Study in Scarlet)

Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players album has finally come out. I’ve excited about this since the announcement. I’ve had it on repeat for most of today. It’s very good, but there are 2 tracks which I don’t like. Your Wife is Calling and Mantra. The first one is just rubbish and the second is boring, clocking in at nearly 8 mins. Other than that it’s a great album. Stevie Nicks, Corey Taylor and Paul McCartney stand out as the best guests. When I first heard Cut Me Some Slack (McCartney fronted Nirvana) I loved it, but I did think that would change. I’m really glad it hasn’t and at the moment that’s my favourite song on the album.

Tomb Raider came out last week. A game I’ve waited 5 years for. I traded in a few things and got it for 99p so I was very happy with that. It’s a very good game, but disappointing. It isn’t a Tomb Raider game. There are no puzzles, just hoards of enemies with loads of dramatic sequences. It’s basically Uncharted with no puzzles. Hopefully this reboot isn’t going down the same path as Resident Evil. Resi Evil 4 was brilliant. Then every game after that has gotten progressively worse. If it stays at this level Tomb Raider will be a brilliant series, but I do wish they’d called it something else.

Darren Shan’s new book comes out Thursday. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this since the last one. It’s going to be another epic addition at another epic Shan series. I’ll be reviewing that this weekend probably. I already know this Friday is going to be a 6 hour reading session of it.

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