Subject Futures Week at Uni.

It’s subject futures week at university, which is about as interesting as it sounds. Adding to that Yesterday’s guest talk was cancelled due to the snow. I’m going to be spending this week catching up on reading. Moll Flanders, American Psycho and Jekyll and Hyde need to be read this week. Hopefully they will be alright.

I was given, and am very grateful to be given, preview tickets to see the new Disney film Wreck-It Ralph on Sunday. I like Disney films, have done for a long time, but this one was different. When I first heard about it I knew I was going to love it. Sonic on the poster. A bad guy video game help group with Bowser and one of the ghosts from Pac-Man. Everything about this film appealed to me. I started laughing near enough the second the film started. References to Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Call of Duty and everything else was brilliant. It was the best Disney film since Lilo and Stich, or Emperor’s New Groove. I cannot recommend this film enough. If you like video games like Pac-Man and Mario Kart this film will appeal to you straight away. Geekiest film since Scott Pilgrim.

I’ve started reading Shiverton Hall, the debut book by Emerald Fennell. The only reason I picked it up was because of the cover. It reminded me of Lemony Snicket and Spiderwick Chronicles. I’m only 60 pages in so far, but it’s pretty good. It starts out with a kid called Arthur going to boarding school, where he seems to be the only new kid and everyone is singling him out as being different, there are hints at the supernatural and magic at the school. At first it seemed like a complete Harry Potter rip-off. I’m still enjoying it though. It seems to be more about ghosts than magic at the moment, but I’m not far through it. I haven’t read enough to recommend it, but it has a nice front cover.

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