Back to work

Sadly, I’m back at work this week. Which means writing will slow down again. I’m still going to try and stick to the 500 words a day target I’ve set myself, but it’s so easy for it to slip. One day turns into a week so fast. And now we’re already in February. I’m still writing 2015 on everything, and yet here we are.

I don’t know when this new story will go up, but it will be soon. I’m still writing it, and it’s much longer than I originally thought. I want to finish it before I upload any of it, but I also want to upload it as soon as possible to get some feedback. I’m quite happy with how it’s going so far.

I started reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz recently. It’s a decent book, but I keep on imagining the film instead of focusing on the words so when there is a difference it takes me a second to realise, and that’s a little jarring. I am enjoying it though. It’s something I’ve wanted to read for a while and have had it on my kindle for about 2 years. I was sitting there waiting for someone and just clicked on it, more productive than scrolling through Facebook for no reason. That’s my main aim at the moment, to stop getting distracted by stupid things like facebook, or the internet in general. It takes up so much time for no reason. If I can eliminate this, I will have so much more time for the things I actually care about.

The new lego game has just been announced. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it looks pretty amazing. I love the lego games, and have done since the original Lego Star Wars 11 years ago. I’m really excited for them to go back to the franchise for the new film. I was expecting this last year, as it was the 10 anniversary of the original game, and the release of the new star wars film. I’ve think the only game I’m more excited for is Uncharted 4. It’s going to be a good year for games.

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One Week Down

My two weeks holiday have reached the half way point. I’ve stuck to my writing, pretty much every day, getting 5000 words done so far. I’m pretty happy with that. The story is longer than I thought it would be, and I’m not sure how close to the end I am. It’s going to be closer to 10000 words at this point. I’m trying something different, and hopefully it comes out alright. I’m still aiming to post it on here sometime early February. Probably in a couple of posts.

The last book I finished was Star Wars: Aftermath. The first in a trilogy set between episode 6 and 7. It was pretty decent, but nothing spectacular. I liked the characters and hope they are developed in the sequel. I’m definitely getting the second book when it comes out in March. It has a lot of potential, and now that everyone is introduced it should lead the way to a better story.

My biggest problem with it though *minor spoiler* was that there were a couple of times the reader is led to believe a character has died, only for them to walk into the next scene with a really flimsy excuse for their escape. Even the robot gets rebuilt. It got rid of the risk for the characters by the end of it, and I knew they weren’t going to die or get injured.


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The Plan

Two posts in one year, I’m calling that a success. At least in comparison to last year. I wanted to try and outline my plan for From Within. As I posted last time, the first draft is finished and just waiting for the painstaking step of editing and editing. I wanted to take a break before starting this, and having two weeks off work (starting yesterday) seems like a good opportunity to start something new. I’m trying to write a shortish story during then, no idea of the length. And then post it on here at the start of February. After that I will start editing From Within.

There is no release date at the moment, and I’m not setting anything in stone. I will also be doing an updated version of To The Other since it’s no longer available. Nothing will be changed plot wise, but there is a couple of spelling mistakes and missing spaces that have been bothering me, so I want to fix those before moving on.

I’m going to try and stick to one post on here a week, starting next monday. Talking about anything I can think of, writing updates, book reviews, general ideas. I want to get into the habit of writing as much as possible, even if it’s stuff that no one would ever want to read. It’s all practise. Eventually someone will want to read something.

Thanks for reading,


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It’s been a year, near enough to the day, since I last wrote a post on here. A long year, where I didn’t get near enough done as I was hoping. I started several posts throughout the year, but never finished them. Mainly because I didn’t want to write anything until I had a serious update. Until then, it seemed almost pointless. Just ticking another thing of the check-list for that week/month.

I wanted to get in control of many things, but mainly my writing. And as of today I can finally say after 3 years that I have finished the first draft of From Within. The second book in The Fragmented Sequence.

It’s been nearly 3 years since the first book was released, but it will be very soon for the sequel. My original plan was to release 6 books in the Sequence. I had 6 different ideas that worked towards the same goal, but plans change. While I still have the ideas in my head, From Within is the end of the story. At some point I will revisit some of the worlds, and expand on the stories in my head, but for the time being it is the end. And this will always be the end of this particular story.

I was writing the last few chapters of From Within when I realised that where I wanted to take the story, wouldn’t work. It would be too forced to fit into the structure in my head, and I had to listen to the story, not an idea I had nearly 5 years ago.

2015 was a slow year in many ways, and I’m hoping that this year proves different. I will be posting another update, next week. But for the mean time I’m just happy From Within is finished, and now it’s time to move onto the next thing, before the editing starts.

Thanks for reading,


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I feel like 2014 flew by, but when I look back at my life this time last year, it hasn’t. So much has changed and it feels so long ago. I’m no longer in University, and happier for it. I feel more confident, not just in my writing, but in general.

2014 was a slow year for writing, and reading. For me anyway. I barely wrote anything, and I struggled with what I did. My main aim for this year is to sit down and get on with it. Nothing is going to happen otherwise. I just need to focus. The ideas are there, it’s just avoiding distractions and getting on with it.

It’s been a few months since I’ve finished reading a book, and that needs to change as well. I’m currently reading Revolution by Russel Brand. I’m about half way through it, and will probably finish it next week. After that I have the latest Darren Shan and Lemony Snicket books to read. And then who knows after that.

I’ve been working nights, and that’s really thrown me off. Although I feel like I’m getting used to it now, and hopefully things will return to normal pretty soon. I’m going to set myself the reasonable target of writing 500 words a day and reading 1 chapter a day. Just have to make sure I do it. I’ve read my chapter for today and will be doing the writing shortly after finishing this post.

I’m listening to Hesitant Alien by Gerard Way as I write this, which is probably my top album of last year. I’ve had it on constantly since it came out in September. There’s not a bad song on there, and  I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s different to MCR, but that’s a good thing. At points it sounds like a love letter to David Bowie, but it still sounds different. I can’t think of a favourite song on the album, because I would probably write them all down.

Destiny is probably the game I’ve spent the most time on this year, because it’s simply addictive. It’s also incredibly frustrating, because it has so many flaws. It doesn’t feel complete, even with the dlc there is something missing. I could write an entire post with the things I think are wrong with that game, but I’ll leave it for now. My personal game of the year, or gaming moment, is probably PT. (playable teaser). A demo that was put on the PSN in August, that turned out to be Silent Hills. The new game in the franchise by Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid (my favourite series of all time). That demo is terrifying, and I literally spent hours trying to figure out the last puzzle. I’m still not entirely sure on the answer, but I’ve seen various videos with theories. For a demo it’s unbelievable, and leaves high hopes for the actual game.

I’m off,

Thanks for reading,


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